Path PDX

Rose City Renovations is a rehab and renovation general contracting company serving the Portland, Oregon metro area.

Specialists in Multifamily and Commercial, Development, Rehab and Renovation

PATH-PDX draws from the twenty years’ experience of their leadership team to execute on large scale, ground-up developments and renovation projects. PATH-PDX was formed to service NBP Capital and manages all renovation, new construction and rehab work for their multifamily and commercial portfolios. As the in-house provider of development services, general construction & construction management services for NBP Capital, PATH PDX maintains a steady flow of work. Maintaining an in-house contracting division allows NBP Capital to control the project budgets & timelines while ensuring consistent, quality workmanship. 



Path PDX specializes in large scale exterior and interior renovations. Focus on quality craftminship and sensitivity to turnaround time is paramount to their delivery of superior product.



With an extensive portfolio of multifamily and commercial rehab projects throughout Portland, Path PDX has experience in ensuring that time, cost and scope of projects meet stakeholder and client standards. 


Path PDX draws from the 20 years of experience of their leadership team in selecting and executing a comprehensive scope of ground-up projects and additions.


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